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Autumn Road


Epstein's new collection is a "must read." I love the way she is very daring with lines, their length, their place on the page. "Air" is amazing, as is "Swing", "Crave" and a number of others. I am moved by many of the themes of this book—the way she finds new meaning in her girlhood, the way she moves from grief and loss into a new sense of herself, and her newfound joy in being more who she feels she truly is. An important book about life transitions, a theme we can all relate to and gain new insights about from this important poet.

-Ann Bookman, author of Blood Lines

Reading at Belmont Books April 3rd, 2024

Autumn Road
Sara Epstein Writer

About Dr. Sara Epstein

In addition to writing poetry and songs, Sara Epstein, PhD is a clinical psychologist who integrates mindfulness practices, including writing, in her psychotherapy work with

children and adults.  She also facilitates and teaches generative writing groups and classes.

Sara Epstein’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry Quarterly, Amethyst Review, Chest Journal, Nixes Mate Review, Plainsongs, museum of americana, among others.  Her book reviews have been published in Mom Egg Review. 


Bar of Rest, Sara Epstein’s first book of poetry, was published in 2023.

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